Frequently Asked Questions


How do I mount my new foot pegs?

For most bikes, remove the retaining clip on the bottom of the foot peg pivot pin. Note the spring orientation - where the spring legs are located. Remove the pivot pin, spring, and stock foot peg. Place your new peg where the stock pegs was, with the spring in the slot oriented as it was on the stock foot peg. Insert the pivot pin through the mount, peg and spring. Replace the retaining clip on the bottom of the foot peg pivot pin. Check that your new peg swings back like your stock peg did.

On some bikes, we supply springs made specifically to work with our foot pegs. Our springs are made to rest against your frame, and do not register in the spring retaining holes present on some models.

Check if your shift and brake levers are at a comfortable height. If they're not, adjust; typically there is a splined adjustment coming out of the transmission for the shift lever, where you can slip the lever or a bracket off a spline, rotate the lever or bracket a tooth or two, and re-install. Brake levers are usually adjusted with a nut on a threaded rod. For both levers, adjust and recheck until the height seems best. Verify that your brake light operates correctly after adjusting your brake lever.

It may take a day or two to get used to the new location of your feet and levers. Please ride cautiously until you are accustomed to this and any changes in the ground clearance of your bike when cornering.

How are your foot pegs different from others on the market?

- We frequently hear from customers delighted with the quality and finish of our parts.

Our narrower foot pegs (Sidetrax and Quadtrax tread) stand out for several reasons:

- Many foot peg lowering kits and multiple piece lowered pegs assemblies space your foot out from the stock location an inch or more. This can make it very difficult to reach your stock brake and shift levers. While any peg that lowers your foot below the stock bracket will space your foot out some since there has to be some material that holds the tread to the bracket, we carefully design our pegs for each bike specifically to minimize this space.

- The multiple piece lowering pegs kits typically require purchase, assembly and adjustment of several parts. Customers comment on how simple and easy to install our design is in comparison to others.

- Many after-market foot pegs are round. These are cheap and easy to make, but are not comfortable for riding any distance, due to the single point contact of your foot with the peg. Our pegs are flat on the top for roughly 3/4 inch (19mm) from front to back, giving you a footrest platform similar to that on your stock peg.

Our wide foot pegs (Hunter, Trakker, and Rubber tread) stand out for other reasons:

- We offer three tread options that can be exchanged at will, with a few screws.

- The Hunter and Trakker treads are made of 6061-T6 Aluminum. 

- We offer some of the only lowered wide foot pegs in existence. These are superb not only for tall riders, but also for those of us that are shorter - a little extra leg room helps greatly in hip and knee comfort.

How is Knight Design different from other parts suppliers?

We're a small family owned company, and we design and make all our own parts. We pay a lot of attention to what customers say.. we really do go the extra mile for you. Examples of where this help you:

- We are very through about our designs, making sure that little details are addressed so that you get a better product in fit, function and appearance. We prototype most parts multiple times, adjusting the design each time to get the best product.

- Since we're the designer and the manufacturer, we know the intimate details of the parts we sell.

- All our anodized parts are have a especially thick coating. This looks the same as regular anodizing, but is thicker and wears better. It's not visible when you buy the part, and we pay more for it without increasing your cost. It results in better quality, long-wearing parts. We've worked with our anodizer to get the best coating possible in each situation.

- Your parts are typically shipped within two working days of order receipt.

These are just a few examples of how the way we conduct our business makes things better for you.

I have parts from you, and damaged one of them. Can I get just the one replaced?

Yes, please contact us with what you need.


Orders, Payment and Shipping


How can I pay?

We take payment though our web site with a credit card. We do not have a retail store, but local pickup is possible by prior arrangement.

Do you sell internationally?

Yes, we have many international customers, and are accustomed to shipping all over the world.

When will I get my parts?

You can expect your parts about a week from order placement. We send a tracking number to your email address when we ship.

What is your return policy?

If you're not happy with your parts, please contact us within 14 days of receipt. If we cannot resolve your issue, we will provide return authorization. To return your parts:
- Parts must be in new condition. Parts with marks, scratches or other damage are not returnable. Please include any hardware supplied with your parts.
- Pack the parts so they're individually padded, and in a box or padded envelope to avoid damage in shipping. You will need to pay for return shipping.
- When we receive your parts, complete and in new condition, we will refund your purchase price less a 10% restocking fee. Original shipping paid is not refundable.

Do you sell to dealers?

Yes, please contact us for more information.